Broken heart

For my dearest friend who’s struggling in the name of love..
Keep your faith and don’t ever lose your way back to smile 😉

Hope this post from an inspiring woman can help you even just a little
All my best wishes for you~

Bay Travels: The Journal

This is a broken hearted post. No gimmick.

This is a swearing about how I said I never love again,

About how I woke up every morning with a big hole inside my heart,

About how I cried everytime I heard a love song,

About how I constantly missed his body wrapped around mine and how I deluded myself that I actually slept beside him.

About how I was playing possibilities of how my life turned out to be if I didn’t meet him,

About how I was regretting falling in love,

About how I was angry to myself for letting people in,

About how stupid I felt for still loving him after he resented me,

About how I begged, how I cried my heart out, how I manipulated every scenario, how I broke down, how I was so cynical of everything else…

It took me months to recover,


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One thought on “Broken heart

  1. Thanks for always and always making me feel so much better, I know it will heal somehow. but as you know, takes time. As long as it takes, stay with me :’)

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